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Walsh Family Wine



Winemaker's Studio at Walsh Family Wine  

We are pleased to launch the Winemaker’s Studio at Walsh Family Wine, a project which we began cultivating nearly five years ago in hopes of ushering in a new and exciting generation of Virginia producers focused on interesting and authentic Virginia wines.

            The Winemaker’s Studio is a facility where burgeoning winemaker’s can create and launch their own brands utilizing the equipment, space, and expertise of the WFW team.  With so many talented individuals in our industry, and so many wonderful vineyard sites, our hope is to facilitate the creation and growth of interesting, expressive, and delicious Virginia wines.

            “When Walsh Family Wine began, all we had was a vineyard with great potential.  We knew that was the most important starting point.  We were fortunate to make our first vintages in some of the best wineries in the state, but even then, as we were growing, we struggled to find a home for our winemaking.

            “When we opened our tasting room and production facility, it was important to us to act as a creative space for other winemakers – an “incubator” for burgeoning wineries.  We started with our Bar Takeovers, which have been wonderful, and grew to become home to a number of exciting and delicious projects – Quartzwood Farm, Guide Wines, Boden Young, Clever Beast, Florilegium, and more on the horizon."

- Nate Walsh


If you are interested in producing wine in the Winemaker's Studio, please contact Nate Walsh at to learn more. 


Winemaker's Studio Club Membership


For wine drinkers interested in having access to these small-batch wines, we offer the following membership:

  • Members will receive 2 bottles quarterly (8 bottles per year) of small-batch wine produced and bottled at the Winemaker’s Studio
  • Wines are hand-selected by the WFW winemaking team
  • Members will be invited to complimentary in-depth release tastings with winemaker’s themselves
  • Members will have access to Winemaker’s Studio wines year round
  • There is no signup fee; members are agreeing to receive quarterly allocations